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Marie Shalease Howard


Marie Shalease Howard, who preferred to be addressed as Shae. I’ve been living in Maryland since 2015, working as a dental assistant since 2012, I’ve been working for Maryland Dental Assistant School since 2020. I have had the privilege to receive my dental assistant training from the Red Cross dental Program and then moved forward to receive my expanded functions certification from Maryland Dental Assistant School. I enjoy my career as an oral surgery assistant.

Jenee Rhodes


Jenee was born and raised in the DMV Area. She has been an active part of the dental field since 2008. She started as a dental assistant where she quickly became passionate about dentistry. Her passion inspired her to further her career by holding various positions in the dental field such as a Treatment Plan Coordinator, Office Manager, and currently Dental Instructor. She is involved with multiple dental projects such as “Give a Kid a Smile Day” at Howard University College of Dentistry and The Deamonte Driver Project, in order to stay current in the field and stay connected to the community.

Why Our Courses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there should be more than 74,000 new openings for dental assistants up to the year 2022. The dental profession is currently facing a shortage of trained assistants.

The result of the shortage has caused the starting pay rate for experienced dental assistants considerably higher than non-experienced. Most offices will not even consider anyone with no experience. Following your training in this 10 week entry-level course, you will have the confidence and experience to apply for these positions. Upon graduation, you will also receive job counseling services to ensure that you are interview ready.

Why Our Courses

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